Sunday, September 19, 2021
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You Can Now Say “Hey Spotify” and Issue your Command

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For those of you who are consistent users of the Spotify music app, there’s good news.
You don’t have to go through the trouble of changing your songs manually. You can change it verbally.
You can even try it now. Say “hey Spotify.”
If you want to play a song or search for an artist or a playlist. It’s that simple.
The feature includes both Android and iOS users, you can operate hands-free, building on the existing voice search function.

You’ll need to grant Spotify permission to access your microphone if you want to use the feature.

spotify audio

But please note, Spotify’s privacy policy states that the service only stores recordings and transcriptions of your searches after you say the wake word or tap the voice button—this will be done for your own convenience; to make searches easier and faster.

Some of you might also be wondering if this is a new Siri or Google assistant —no! It is not. It’s just a new feature Spotify has decided to introduce to make everyday life easier.


However, there are rumours that this in‐app assistant could pave way for Spotify’s long-awaited and rumoured “car thing” —”Car Thing” is voice-controlled music and podcast assistant that reportedly plugs into a car’s 12-volt outlet and connects to both the car and the user’s phone via Bluetooth.

Recent leaks suggested that Spotify is still working on the “Car Thing”. But it is still unknown if it will ever even hit the market.
Only time will tell indeed.

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