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“WOLVERINE” a character longed for by Keanu Reeves.

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Keanu Reeves born September 2, 1964 is a Canadian actor, author, comic book writer, director and musician who began his acting in theater productions, and in television films before making his mainstream film debut in “Young blood” in the year 1986.

He continued to become one of the most recognized actor in the world as he played the role of the Neo in the “Matrix” trilogy, a science fiction movie which won four Academy awards which was produced by Joel Silver in 1999. 

Keanu recently took part in an interview on SiriusXM radio show where he was asked that if there were any characters he had wished to play, without hesitation he replied that he had dreamed of playing “Wolverine”, the character from the X-Men superhero franchise portrayed by Hugh Jackman.

keanu reeves-x-men-sirius-radio-wolverine

He said, “I always wanted to play Wolverine.”

Keanu knew that once he had said that, all the fans of X-Men would go tizzy. It is quite unfortunate that he didn’t get an early call-up, although X-Men fans would loved him to play that role since they have longed link the actor up.         

“It’s not too late”, a message sent to Keanu Reeves on the same show by his friend and co-star in “Bill & Ted Face the Music,” Alex Winter.  Reeves joked, “It is too late. I’m all good with it now.”

He was then asked again and replied, “For sure”.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, who is now taking over the X-Men franchise is opting for younger stars to recast the movie which in turns leave Keanu out since he is 55.

Jackman landed the role in 2000 and played the mutant character for almost two decades before his final movie as Logan/Wolverine in 2017.

Jackman was so excited to stepped down and let another person plays that role, he said that this is the right time to let it go since he had played it for 17 years.

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