Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Why you should be using zoom

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Aside being the world’s most popular video conferencing platform, there are numerous reasons why you should be using zoom to connect with friends,  families, loved ones, and teammates.

Below are the top and most accurate collection of reasons why you should be on the platform.

1. Zoom is free and easy to set up; The basic plan of zoom is just enough for any small business meetings and every day chats with friends and loved ones, as it allows 100 people to be connected at a go, and has an unlimited number of meetings you can have within a day. Again zoom is instant and stress-free to set up and start using, you do not need any special I.T skills to be able to make use of the friendly user interface. in short, you don’t need an I.T team to roll out and manage zoom for you.

2. Do more with zoom; You can do so much more with zoom. You do not really need another platform to deliver your contents when on zoom, zoomers are allowed to have meetings, make phone calls, webinars and chat on the platform. simple right? Your participants have to just use one tool to do all that matters to you. Zoom continues to make relevant updates and add new features that make the platform more enticing.

zoom interface

3. Responsive platform;  Zoom works perfectly on all devices, be it on a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or Tv. Also, Zoom works seamlessly across all your operating systems — PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android — so your participants aren’t locked into specific devices.

4. Cost-effective; Even though zoom is entirely free for people who are using the basic plan, there are provisions for others who want more but at a given price. Many clients happen to be happy with the price they pay for being on zoom monthly plans such as pro, business, and enterprise plans.

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