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The question most people have been asking is very simple: Why is it that we’re deciding to allow the reopening of schools and possible gatherings like churches when we don’t know the nature of our current situation? 

If anyone expects answers in this timeline, you’re barking up the wrong tree. This year in itself is a big unanswered question so don’t expect to understand anything that is done at this point.

To be honest, there has been too much happening that is beyond comprehension for us to be wasting time trying to understand the measures being taken. Because, at the end of it all, nothing will rescind the decisions taken.

The pandemic isn’t going away any time soon. We are now halfway through the year, and it would be farfetched to think this virus will suddenly vanish and humanity will return to its former glory. That hope is left to the optimists. If you hate the face/nose masks, you better start getting used to them.

If you’ve not made hand sanitizer as important as your mobile phone, you’re still not grasping the severity of the situation. The revolution doesn’t need to be televised because we are living it.

The world is probably going to continue like this for some time until we start getting positive news about a cure, or like Ebola, the disease’s infection rate gradually goes down and the recoveries pick up.

nana addo

The leaders always have their reasons. Maybe they’ve decided to gamble and see how normal activities in society can continue amidst the virus. That’s not a bad way of looking at things. It’s not like the country has the resources and capabilities to keep everyone home, fed, and healthy.

A lot of the citizens depend on their day-to-day activities to make ends meet and that can’t be ignored. We’re thankful we don’t have a situation like what’s happening in the States right now.

For a country like ours barely holding on, the last thing we need is a demonstration or riots that end up destroying public properties. The virus isn’t going away. So rather than trying to prevent infection which we have already failed at anyway, why don’t we come up with ways to go about activities and stay safe?

It’s called ‘realizing the problem won’t go away and deciding to live with it’ and it’s a hard decision to make. The responsibility comes down to us individuals, to keep to the precautionary measures and prolong our survival and prevent the spread of the virus.

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