Monday, June 14, 2021
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What If?

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An avid creative whose word plays so much that words say I play too much; a Ki'shon flow. Life is a journey and we're all full of stories.

“Never Kill your What Ifs, But first, be Grateful for What Is”


What if Jesus needed Kanye to change .. and Kobe to die, to be ready to come? That’s a provocative what if. Yeah, it is. But it’s quite the thought, and you can never really kill your thoughts, they could get lost in transmission but it’d be hard to instantaneously kill them on the spot or at conception. The question of what if goes on and on and could lead you into a lot of rabbit holes. But what if rabbit holes are what we’re looking for and need to find?

Last year, Kanye became a Christian. Coronavirus started in December. The Australian bush fires raged in December as well, and then we lost Kobe Bryant in January and Pop Smoke in February. In March, the WHO declared Coronavirus a global pandemic and there are reports of hundreds of billions of locusts swarming through parts of East Africa and South Asia in what is being called the worst infestation for a quarter of a century, threatening crops and livelihoods.

Read-only from this write-up and you realize this year kicked off on a very interesting start and we’re not even through the first quarter yet. But what if it’s all meant to happen? What if it’s all meant to teach us something? What if there’s a lesson we missed in history and life is just trying to get her point across? What if it’s the end of the beginning of the end? It goes on and on and on.

So it’s only right that the quote at the beginning bottled it all, we shouldn’t kill these thoughts, but rather we should be grateful for what is. And ‘what is’, could mean anything to you, so far as it brings you to hope, cling to that. Remember, hope is greater.

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