Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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What Happened to Typing?

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‘Typing …Deleting …Only the keyboard knows the unspoken words …’

–  a_boy_with_a_camera 

Typing has become such a mundane activity in today’s world. It’s evolved from just the computers to our cellular devices. With our time increasingly being spent on phones, some people do most of their typing there. Gone are the days where typing was a rare skill that made one stand out; I speak of the Mavis Beacon days, where most homes that owned a computer happened to have the software installed on it. It’s interesting how a lot of us patronized the software and yet never really bothered about the woman herself, so a little history class is in session.

First of all, spoiler alert, Mavis Beacon is not a real person. Mavis Beacon’s first name was taken from Mavis Staples who was a lead vocalist for the ‘Staple Singers’. The original photo we were introduced to was of Caribbean-born model Renee L’Esperance. She was introduced to Les Crane, former talk – show host while he was shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. Crane, who was then a partner in The Software Toolworks, invented the sobriquet.

The typing program was released initially in the late 1980s, by the Software Toolworks and has been published regularly ever since. The original version was written by Charles R. Haymond.

Now that’s out of the way, at least we’ve learned a thing or two. But back to the real issue, a debatable question being, are we typing more than we’re writing? Now let that sink in. Yeah, we do type – it’s one of the few things almost everyone does every day. But, are still connected in the way we were with the pen, with the ink, with a pencil?

Nowadays, it isn’t rated as a skill because it’s assumed that you have some degree of mastery over it, but it’s a grey area as the years have come by.

We type to text, to update our status and to tweet – but the more the exposure of technology grows, the more even kids pick the art up, unfortunately, they also pick the side effect that seems to have come with it as well; becoming less and less human.

On any of your socials, you would find on a daily, content that has been typed out, either attacking someone’s race, color or identity in general. Or you would find text that creates humor at the expense of someone else.

I mean it’s all fun and games, right? Right, until it’s not. The interesting thing about it all is that this has become normalized in society and so we don’t see that we’re slowly drowning in it. There’s nothing wrong with typing, but again, it is what it has become, that is a potential issue not only for the present but the future.

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