Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Trends on Socials iii

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We have a completely different set of trends due to releases of new music, new series, and the turnout of events on social media. Without wasting time, let’s dig in!


Subzero is the track released by Sarkodie recently addressing criticisms that have come his way from other rappers. The record was produced by Alra Nova and mixed by PEE on Da BeaT. It made a huge ruckus on social media as fans went delirious with the diss lines he dished out to various rappers including Asem who is making a comeback to the music scene as he has been dropping freestyles and throwing shots at Sarkodie every time. Comments about the track are up to the readers to be honest because this isn’t a review.


A-S-E-M, Asem! This name came up with such prominence in the late 2000s and early 2010s until it vanished into thin air. Asem was a hit musician who came up with very controversial means as the song he initially stepped into the limelight with was a collaboration between himself and another artist. Nonetheless, he went on to shine for a brief period delivering tunes that are memorable to this day. Until he vanished. And then he made a comeback on twitter with a set of freestyles. What was prominent was the fact that in these freestyles he always aimed digs at Sarkodie and that brought a lot of attention to him, hence his name trending as a hashtag for quite some time.


This dude became famous for having Instagram live sessions with a model named Eva. And he started trending simply because the girl eventually told her that she has a boyfriend and that broke the young man’s heart. So much so that other prominent figures had sessions with the model to get to the bottom of it because Father, as he is known by the online world, was broken-hearted. People were either laughing at him, throwing back to the videos recorded during their live sessions and his stunts, or simply pleading that the girl accepts him. Funny world we live in where people can feel sympathy and support someone they might never even met yet won’t show the same emotion to the next man.


Now, this trend came up as a result of an artiste named Ball J sending out a diss song replying to Sarkodie’s line in Sub Zero about Sunyani rappers. Although the song in itself is up for debate as to whether it delivered, it had fans taking shots at Sarkodie for letting someone like that drag him through the mud through a diss record like this.

That’s all for now folks. Trends will keep on changing and new ones will come, and we’ll be here to bring you all the news.

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