Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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TikTok Takes Legal Actions against Trump’s Allegations.

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ByteDance, inventor of the famous Chinese Video app TikTok which now has 80 million  users and still gaining has decided to go against Trump and his administrations legally. 

 TikTok has been denied appropriate procedures to be engage in the allegations by US President Donald Trump. Trump’s plans to ban US users from using TikTok  through an executive order will start mid-September. 

ByteDance has denied several allegations from Washington as to sending confidential information to the Chinese government. They said that have tried all that they can to have a smooth discussion with Trump’s administration but has avail to nothing saying that they are not paying attention to the facts. 

According to BBC, TikTok’s users post short video clips on the platform on topics ranging from dance routines to international politics. Its popularity exploded in recent months particularly with teenagers and it has been downloaded more than a billion times around the world.


It was reported that some Chinese-Americans filed a lawsuit against a similar ban by the same Trump on similar issues concerning the use of WeChat app by a  Chinese firm, Tencent.   

TikTok says it has never send any US information to the Chinese government but President Trump said that China can use that app to track where  federal employees are and manipulate them to collect information, he went ahead to say that the economy, national policy and national security will be threaten by these Chinese owned companies that develop mobile applications.

Michael Bien, a lawyer representing oppositions of Trump’s ban said that this act is unconstitutional and that it’s violates the right of free speech.    

In case you’ve missed our previous update on Trump and TikTok, check out the headlines. Could Trump succeed in his vision of banning TikTok ahead of November election or ByteDance will win over Trump. More update will be given.

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