Sunday, September 19, 2021
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The Turn of an Era

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Social Media. It’s become a bedrock of our society and our lives since its inception and boom when apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat took the world by storm. For a large part of the last decade, social media has become pivotal in bringing people together, reinventing business and marketing approaches, and redefining the narrative of socializing.

But with the turn of a new decade, we’re seeing a movement in the world of social media that looks like it might be a massive one, like when the aforementioned stepped into the light.

all about-Clubhouse-app

The buzz about Club House has stepped up a notch since a few celebrities have been on the app, either to speak in groups or just hang back as listeners, observing what is happening around. But everything is stirring after Whatsapp released their updated terms and agreement, all because of two words – Privacy & Data.

Elon Musk, the recently named richest man on the globe, tweeting that people should use Signal, has sent the app that has existed quite a while to number 1 ahead of Whatsapp on the app store in some countries. Many more sign-ups have been recorded, since Whatsapp updated their terms and agreement and Musk tweeted about Signal.

There have been several thoughts shared about people trying to migrate from Whatsapp just because of them saying they’d require data from users going forward. And yes, a lot of the thoughts shared are true. We’ve already shared pretty much all the data any organization would need to ruin or destroy our lives.



Whatsapp is just being upfront and open about it now, and apparently, people don’t like it when you tell them the truth or be honest about a matter, so everyone is suddenly freaking out? But it’s a bit far-fetched to think that everyone is going to move from the traditional household social media apps just because of news like this. At the end of it all, the apps cater to the masses.

Twitter rolled out an update on the retweet button, the fleets(Twitter stories), and rooms(almost modeling what ClubHouse is), all disregarding the users’ approval of the updates. Instagram has turned their once simple photo and video-based app into a virtual eCommerce app with the shop’s integration in its user interface.

They’ve been sending a message since late last year, and people are now getting the memo. These apps have grown bigger than just what you prefer they’d be, and they are seizing opportunities to make profits where they see fit. At the end of it all, they are a business, and a business is concerned with making profits.

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But maybe all this is because we’re on the cliff of the next step in technological advancements. Probably, the steps being taken are in anticipation of the new era, which is before us.

Pretty sure MySpace, Skype, Hi-Five, and the others didn’t see it as the New Kids on the Block saw it. And sadly, that was their undoing. We’re in a new decade, and it looks like this might be the turn of an era.

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