Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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The Race for Tiktok: Who is In and who is Out?

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Previous sources indicated how Trump’s administration set out to eliminate TikTok within 90days in America. Trump’s plans, however, gave another option to ByteDance; the rightful owner of TikTok to sell their shares operations within North America, New Zealand, and Australia.

Last week Mr. Trump ordered TikTok’s owner ByteDance to sell its US business within 90 days or face being shut down.


Ever since President Trump gave the sell out option, the race for TikTok has been drawn. First, the news came out that Microsoft was interested in the buying of TikTok but now, several firms owned by Americans great entrepreneurs have set to join the race.

Microsoft being the lead contender to purchase TikTok was later joined by another Social Media rival Twitter, who has shown interest in buying TikTok.
Not only Microsoft and Twitter but also Triller, a New York-based company was joined by Mr. Trump to purchase TikTok. Triller is also a social media video platform just like TikTok. If Triller is showing interest, then one can say that TikTok has beaten them in terms of downloaders and subscribers.


To consider all these options, another powerful firm “Oracle” also joined the track to purchase TikTok. It was reported that Oracle will be the possible buyer of ByteDance TikTok in North America, Australia and New Zealand.
Oracle’s chairman Larry Ellison is a supporter of Mr. Trump and held a fundraising event for him in February.

The question is, is TikTok worth that much? Of course, this year alone, TikTok has reached 2 billion downloads clearly crossing the mark, making fortunes out of it.
One can’t be sure who is buying it, but one can give an assurance that Oracle is clearly leading the race seeing that it’s Trump’s favourite.

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