Sunday, September 19, 2021
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What will the future look like with AI?

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Well actually let’s jump back in history and talk about some of the biggest breakthroughs we’ve had with AI. You might recall this historical event between Gary Kasparov and IBM Computer Deep Blue. The IBM computer became the first program to defeat a chess World Chess Champion under tournament rule in a classic game.

It was a very significant victory; it was a milestone. However, later analysis actually played down the intellectual value of chess as a game that can be simply defeated at brute force which means that if you had enough calculation and enough computing power, chess can be defeated. Which means that calculation does not equal intelligence and this is a very important understanding.

However, Google took a different approach, they created AlphaGo. A program that can learn the game of Go at a go. Go is a program of far less rules but requires far more intuition. You cannot just calculate all the possibilities of Go.

So Google’s AlphaGo was able to defeat the South Korean Go champion Lee Sedol in a 2016 game and this was another breakthrough because the program used reinforced learning as well as neural networks which resembles human’s decision making process.

AI will not only change our lives in small ways, it will likely bring us tremendous change. Change like we saw 200 years ago with industrial revolution when humans first harnessed the power of coal and steam engines. Change like we saw in the 1990s when millions of computers reached homes across the globe.

AI will give us an unprecedented amount of power as well as the opportunity to change. Imagine ten years from now when we are autonomously constructing a space station on Mars, your car is driving you to work while you are talking to your friend on the phone who works in wall street and he didn’t have to worry about the stock share anymore because AI will ensure a fair and safe trading environment.

Also in hospitals across the globe, scientists are using AI to find mutations in human DNA databases and also cures for diseases and these are some of the possibilities and the sky is no longer the limit.

The power, the freedom that we have with Artificial Intelligence is empowering but also humbling. We as humans are capable of creating machines that can learn and think just like us. In the long run, AI will not replace biological intelligence yet it will enhance our lives and our future. We all have the chance to witness and decide how Artificial Intelligence will shape our future.

Source: Neil Nie

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