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Racism and police brutality isn’t getting worse. It’s just getting filmed more.
Genesis 3: 6
When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.

Am I cursed? Is having extra melanin an effect of Eve’s eating of the fruit?
Is white skin good and black skin evil?
Is that what God wanted to hide?
The knowledge that will haunt humanity for ages to come?
Is my skin a definition of everything bad?
A definition of war and bloodshed
A definition of alcohol and drug addiction,
A definition of rape, domestic violence, murder, armed robbery, forgery, or maybe it’s just an admission of guilt to the sins of man?
Sorry, bro. It’s not.
Daddy says be calm, speak respectfully and politely, lest the popo finds guilt in your courage.

The murder of George Floyd

I can’t breathe, My stomach hurts, My neck hurts
Everything hurts, You are going to kill me.
I go limp and I’m motionless.
People plead, Down stays your knees.
You took away my life like you were the creator who made me.
I am George,
Not Stinney junior, though he’d be shocked that this still happens,
I am George Floyd.
How long can we live like this?
Aunty says when the police stops you place your hands where they can see. That’s one step closer to staying alive.
Going for a morning jog, my health was the main concern.
Minding my business, you chased me with your son like I was a rabbit but I’m sure you would say a rare monkey.
You shot me down like I was a game.
I am Ahmaud Arbery.


You took away my life like you were the creator who made me.
Uncle says make no sudden movements lest he withdraws the loaded gun.
Find out who was distributing controlled substances, but you decided to distribute bullets.
A bullet found Trayvon Martin,
A bullet found Breonna Taylor,
A bullet found Philando Castile
A bullet found Walter Scott and Alton Sterling.
You keep on stuffing us with a lead like we are being prepared for Thanksgiving dinner.

You took away our lives like you were the one who gave us breath.
Time and time again, we show love when we are shown hate,
It’s the Land of liberty, but when it pertains to a black it becomes a land of free with restrictions.
You slaved us, bound us in chains, and transported us.
You took us from our lands and dumped us here.
We built this country for you and what’s our payback?
We are treated like scum.
Pain in my heart, pain in my soul,
Emotions, sadness, and anger wrestle for supremacy, police brutality is just a sucker punch that comes after the powerbomb racism delivers to my mental health.

black lives matter

Black lives matter,
All lives matter.
Your protest to my protest.
A refusal to accept it’s a disease that has to cease or you can put us on boats to sail the high seas until we find a home.
As a black, every action is a death sentence waiting to be carried out.
It’s hard to walk out your doors and wonder if you’ll ever see your loved ones again.
Freedom of speech and expression.
We speak out against black oppression
But we don’t have the right to make use of that expression.
Dead men don’t talk, but we are alive in thousands and millions and billions of blacks in the world.
You didn’t take our lives, you gave us millions and billions of lives.
you didn’t take our voice, you gave us a voice made of a billion and more voices.

We are no more three people, we are millions and billions of people.
By taking our last breath you gave us the ability to breathe a billion and more times in one.
A closed mouth is a closed destiny,
What I want to see tomorrow I must speak about it today.
I am no more a person but now I’m a movement.
My name is black lives matter.

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