Sunday, September 19, 2021
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The 3 Music Awards in Retrospect II

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Picking up from our last issue, we addressed the performance aspect of the 3 Music awards that earned the award scheme plaudits for delivering impeccable quality in the fashion it did. We realized it takes so much more for performances, from the acts to the arrangement of the songs they do on stage.

But what made 3 music awards stand out is the fact that even though the performances were pre-recorded, they still managed to set a higher standard as the investment and energy that went into each performance was top tier. Again, it wasn’t a Grammy or a BET standard per se, but they still delivered.

Today we touch on the nominations that they delivered to us and the categories that they are paying attention to that have been sorely missed in recent years.

Nominations & Categories

Mostly, nominations have been problematic for various award schemes and shows in recent years. Because the system to a degree depends on the artist submitting their works and some nominations depend on voting and a board, people always raise questions concerning why some people don’t get nominations.

The first thing to clarify is the fact that if an artist doesn’t submit his work, there’s no way they’ll get nominations. Sometimes we want to believe they rig the award schemes, but for the aspect of nominations, it’s a matter of some artists just deciding against submitting their works.

The 3 Music Awards worked with 20 categories this year, including the Artiste of the Year & EP of the Year categories. It is the latter which is of grave importance. The recognition that EPs are getting globally is something we can’t hope to ignore. Chance the Rapper has taken a Grammy for Best Rap Album with his project Colouring Book. This project wasn’t necessarily a commercial album, which is why the winner received a lot of backlash from the music community because some branded it unfair.


3 music awards ceo
some members of the 3 music awards scheme

But it’s also worth noting that it has opened up the community and Award schemes to the appreciation of projects in the name of EPs, even though they may not be full-length albums or for commercial purposes. It is why seeing the EP of the year category was a big win. What that means is that a project, regardless of whether it’s musical oriented, rap, or spoken word, could get a nomination in this category.

The 3 Music Awards are increasing the range of music and records that can get a nomination including this category.

The other category that was exciting to see was the best alternative song category. On its own, the category could have been normal, but it’s the nominees that brought it to life. Seeing names like Worlasi, Akan, Amaarae, Paapa, FRA, Adomaa, and others just shows much alte as a genre in Ghanaian music has become a force to reckon with.

There have been so many breakthrough acts that have come on the scene doing alte and have felt a bit out of place for their style. The recognition here would provide a confidence boost to them, even if winning awards aren’t their ultimate goals.


For 3 Music Awards, that’s a plus for them because subconsciously they have breathed hope into some of these artists to keep on doing what they are doing even if they think they aren’t being recognized.

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