Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Team USA’s Gold Claim at Olympics Basketball

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Led by Kevin Durant, Team USA Grab Gold

Kevin Durant’s video online after the USA clinched gold at the Olympics was nothing short of hilarious and confident. The Brooklyn Nets basketball player did not waste time replying to his critics after, according to him, they claimed other nationalities were catching up with them in the NBA. 

Was there pressure on Team USA?

A lot of these comments came in the friendlies that were played in the friendlies before the TOKYO Olympics officially kicked off. Seeing Nigeria’s Basketball Team beat Team USA did not sit right with a lot of the pundits in the States. Nigeria was noisy about their win. Especially when Stephen A. Smith said the USA Team shouldn’t be losing to players whose names he can’t even mention.

It was both a hilarious and a monumental moment. So seeing the USA beat France in the final? That was to shut up most of these comments. 

kevin durant
Kevin Durant celebrates a 3 point goal

Kevin Durant most especially must have taken this to heart because of his recent loss to the eventual champions in the playoffs.

There’s no way he was about to let pundits and others speak ill about him just because of an Olympic medal. So he went out like a boss and handled his business. It’s also noteworthy to mention that the Women’s USA team took the Women’s Basketball Gold medal.

Will Team USA stay on the throne longer?

Maybe the other nationalities still have some catching up to do, especially with how much funds are pumped into the NBA in America, but seeing other countries give the undisputed King a run for his money was very nice to see.

The USA came out with gold for the Olympic Basketball games, but how long till others catch up? The USA wasn’t as dominant in the athletics side of things this time around, but for the longest time; it was always them and Jamaica. Now it seems since Bolt retired, other nationalities have grown in confidence. 

How long till that happens in basketball? We live to see it at the next Olympics. 

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