Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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St Hubert Seminary snatches last slot for Day One

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The battle of brain power continued as St Hubert Seminary defeated Asanteman SHS and Afua Kobi Ampem SHS.

The intensity of this competition is one of the kind. Well one can say, all competing schools deserved a spot at the next stage but rules are rules only one can go through. With 19 points, St Hubert Seminary ran to the top of the table with Asanteman SHS AND Afua Kobi Ampem SHS having 15 points each. That’s the first round. Such a slight difference!

The second round continued with St Hubert Seminary adding 6 additional points to their previous one making a total of 25 points. Afua Kobi Ampem SHS moved to 18 points while Asanteman SHS came last with 16 points.

Asanteman SHS and Afua Kobi Ampem SHS had 4 points each in the third round; Problem of the Day. St Hubert had only two points in this stage.

The “True or False” round which is the fourth helped St Hubert Seminary to add to their points making a total of 37 after they failed to secure a lot of points in the third round.

The battle continued in the final round as contestants cracked their brain to solve riddles. St Hubert, the leading school at this point gained zero points, while Afua Kobi Ampem SHS had 35 and Asanteman SHS having 33 points. How lucky was St Hubert Seminary?

According to NSMQ, all hope is not lost for Asanteman SHS and Afua Kobi as they might make it as one of the 14 top runners-up to qualify to the One-eighth Stage.

Here’s a breakdown of Contest Four of the Ashanti Regional Preliminary stage.

Round One – General questions on Chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics

St Hubert Seminary – 19

Afua Kobi Ampem SHS – 15

Asanteman SHS – 15

Round Two – The Speed race

St Hubert Seminary – 25

Afua Kobi Ampem SHS -18

Asanteman SHS – 16

Round Three – Problem of the Day

St Hubert Seminary – 27

Afua Kobi Ampem SHS – 22

Asanteman SHS – 20

Round Four – True or False

St Hubert Seminary – 37

Afua Kobi Ampem SHS – 29

Asanteman SHS – 27

Round Five – Riddles

St Hubert Seminary – 37

Afua Kobi Ampem SHS -35

Asanteman SHS – 33.

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