Saturday, October 2, 2021
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Spotify expands into more than 80 new markets including Ghana

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Spotify, an audio streaming and media services provider, which came into existence in 2008 has finally expanded into new markets including areas on the African continent. 

Spotify as a streaming service is already flourishing in various parts of the world but hasn’t penetrated markets in the African, Asian, Europe and Carribean parts of the world. This year however, all of that changes.

The streaming platform giant has followed in the footsteps of Apple Music and co who had already done this to broaden its horizons. 


Announced at their Stream On online event, Spotify broke the news that over the next few days they would be launching the services into more than 80 new markets with updates for 36 new languages to be rolled out. 

The streaming service will focus however on places like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria as areas of focus since they possess the fastest growing internet populations currently. 

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