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Road to the 3 Music Awards Pt III

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Categories of Interest

  • Viral song of the Year 
  • Best Alternative Song

Viral Song of the Year (100% Public)

  • ‘Fa Me Ko’ by Emelia Brobbey 
  • ‘Putuu Freestyle (Prayer)’ by Stonebwoy 
  • ‘Sankofa’ by King Jerry 
  • ‘Say Cheese’ by KiDi 
  • ‘Otan Hunu’ by Dead Peepol ft. Rich Kent
  • ‘GOAT’ by AY Poyoo 
  • ‘Jerusalem Soup (Master KG Jerusalema Cover)’ by Ajeezay 
  • ‘Sore’ by Yaw Tog 

3 music -2021-viral song of the year

The viral song of the year is going to be one for the books. We’ve had bangers come from all sections of the country and they haven’t only achieved mainstream success but also global success. Some achieved their virility because of the circumstances and reasons for recording the tune. 

Emelia Brobbey, a well-renowned actress, suddenly burst onto the music scene, and the thought that the well-known actress would even consider doing music sent ripples through the nation, and everyone was eager to know how she would do. Stonebwoy’s Putuu freestyle to a degree mirrored what Patapaa did with Scopatumanaa.

AY Poyoo also stunned the nation with his GOAT record, which had outsiders looking in from sections of the world. 


Say Cheese by KiDi, Jerusalem Soup by Ajeezay, and Sore by Yaw Tog, however, achieved their virility simply because of the quality of their records. Say Cheese came off KiDi’s Blue EP, and it didn’t fail like a lead single as it was all over once it dropped. A cover of an already hard-hitting song in Jerusalem Soup would only prove to enhance Ajeezay’s widespread fame with this record.

Sore by Yaw Tog brought to the limelight the sound of Asakaa, the world of Kumerica, and unlocked the latent drill sound that was still finding its feet in the Ghanaian scene. That the remix has UK artists Stormzy and Kwesi Arthur on it says how much Yaw Tog has scaled. 

Whoever wins this will be a deserved winner. 

Projected Fan Favourites: Sore, Say Cheese, Jerusalem Soup, Goat, Putuu 

Best Alternative Song (Best Alte)

  • ‘I Am Tar’ by Adomaa 
  • ‘Comot’ by Worlasi 
  • ‘Musuo’ by Yaayaa 
  • ‘Fancy’ by Amaarae 
  • ‘Mensɛi Da’ by Akan ft. Efya 
  • ‘Mobo’ by Santrofi 
  • ‘Happy’ by FRA! 
  • ‘You are’ Jean Feier 
  • ‘Tired’ by Paapa 
  • ‘Cellular’ by Super Jazz Club 

3 music -2021-best alternative song of the year

I don’t think this category is fair. If you listen to alternative music, you know this is tough to the teeth. Adomaa’s I am Tar came off her Barely Adomaa album, and it is one of the best tracks off it. Worlasi’s single Comot turned heads the moment it dropped because, well, it’s Worlasi. The boy never misses, whether it be single or projects. He has no awful songs, and that’s on period. 

Amaaarae’s popularity at this point has sailed through the roof and her Fancy record, off her Angel You Don’t Know album which had mainstream success landing her on the COLOURS show. Mensɛi Da from Akan and Efya extends Akan’s range with his style.

His Onipa Akoma was warmly received, and since then he has thrived on the scene with his Akan-rap infused style. Yaayaa’s Musuo is a delight to listen to if you’re familiar with it and there’s no surprise it made an entry here. The same goes for Jean Feier. 

3 music- fra music band
The FRA Music Band

The 3 entries that brought tears to my eyes are FRA!, Super Jazz Club, and Paapa. Paapa’s Tired, off his Volume 3 Technical Difficulties was a song for the year 2020 and what we went through as a race. The world was tired, people were tired, and he perfectly captured it on the record.

FRA! as a band being here should tell you the strides these guys have made. And the same goes for Super Jazz Club who dropped an album last year. 

What’s amazing is the fact that the alternative scene is now getting the recognition it deserves because we have a gold mine of artists there. 

Projected Fan Favourites: Anyone can win this. 

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