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Reality as we know is the world we are living in, greater or good, our reputation precedes us. In other words, reality is the act of living a normal life or the rules and regulation of our own mortal life.

Well, we keep on asking for great desires willing to do greater things in our own hands, we become victims in our own world, falling into manipulations, but how long can we open our eyes closer enough to understand the meaning of the world we are living in, and to be able to know the beginning and ends of the life we are living on this planet, how great is your expectation, how far can you get on your journey put all these together and ask yourself the exact question over and over again until you find the answer to the question.


Like I said before, our reputation precedes us, as ages increase and time keeps running fast, the world keeps on changing we embrace a new life, new things, new beginning, new looks, and a new identity.

We adopt the reality we are living in, new things keep happening, new species start to appear and revolutions keep on changing, we die young, we grow very fast, technology keeps upgrading, time keeps on running very fast, we forget who we are and we also forget our purpose in this world we forget where we are coming from and the reason why we are here, we lose control of our emotions, we grow aggressive, stronger, and hungry for more. We have lost our ways.

Reality can be the fantasy we are living in today but tomorrow deceives our imagination. We are living a great life, floating in luxury forgetting we have an account to make for the life we lived because day in and day out we shrink our belief in growing faith in a greater good.


In once point of belief, do we have the ability to express our attitude towards others or are we recognized in the society as good people, ask yourself who are you and what do you want in this world, what if we are trapped in a time loop whereby reality keeps repeating itself. Get to think of it, doesn’t it sometimes feels strange how the world sometimes reacts as if you are living your life over and over again?

Have you ever felt, you are living a life that has happened in the past but deep inside you, it feels like you are living the same exact life at a different time? Put all these together with what if we are trapped in a box forced to live our life over and over again in pain, agony, sorrows, and depression also a loss of hope, have you ever imagine how life goes around how things never changed, how the past keeps on repeating itself or is it just that we are too blind to see all that is happening right under our nose.


Scientists keep trying to find the meaning of reality and how it all came to existence but to no appeal, they never found any answers to their theory. What may be the answer to their questions?

We ask, maybe instead of asking and seeking answers to reality we just need to ask ourselves where we are. How did we get here and what is the purpose of our life in this world, what if we have unfinished business, what if we are living a ghost life but have no idea, what if we are dead but we don’t know, what if it has already happened but left in this time hole as a second chance to finish what we started, what if it has all come to pass but we are living it again, what if that is the reality we are in, what if it all makes perfect sense.

Well, let stop wasting our time trying to find answers to what can’t be known because we are never going to know the true meaning of reality, so start accepting it and live it as who we are. Because it is who we are, our purpose, and our destiny.

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