Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip dies at 99

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News reaching the global world from Buckingham Palace is indicative that Prince Philip has passed on at 99, 1 year short of making it a century of living.

Primarily the Duke of Edinburgh and husband to Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip was the longest-serving consort in British history.

He was recently hospitalized and made a return home with things better. However, news of the death of the Duke hit the world on the morning of Friday.

Queen Elizabeth ii and Prince Philip
Queen Elizabeth ii and the late Prince Philip

This is sad. Losing human life. But what is more tragic is the attitude the online community has shown Prince Philip. For the longest time, people have referred to him as ‘Dracula’, or the ‘Walking Dead’.

All owing to the physical appearance of Prince Philip. Now we all realize that the Royal family seems to have more skeletons hidden in their closet than they have allowed us to believe, but the abuse this man faced even before he died would be enough to kill him if he ever saw or read the tweets.

prince philip
The late Prince Philip

It feels comical to most, but it’s very atrocious. This is human life we’re talking about, and yet we cannot see how serious it is when we joke about death. Look, I’m not saying you should be in pain or mourning.

If you don’t know a person, you can’t force emotions that don’t exist to spring up. But what we can’t condone is the glee that people drive from circumstances of life and death.


The online world is a weapon that can be used for great good. But sadly, in the same vein, it can do a great deal of evil. Because people can hide behind their screens without the risk of getting caught.

It’s a sad, sad reality. RIP Prince Philip.

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