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PRESEC, Legon Outclassed Opponents to win Sixth NSMQ Title

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University of Ghana–“What a blast of competition it was?!” as finalist schools compete to add another trophy to their name. Presbyterian Boys’ contested for their sixth trophy while Opoku Ware School marathons for their third one and Adisadel College for their second trophy.

All contesting schools entered the competition with a lot of supports from their respective schools. Adisadel College was hoping to return the trophy back to Central Region as last year’s winner, St. Augustine’s College resides in the same location.

Opoku Ware School with strong confidence tried to bring the trophy to “Kumerican.” Unfortunately for these two schools, PRESEC, Legon won the competition for the sixth time.

gakpetor nsmq 2020

The 5-round contest was an exciting one, featuring “Problem of the Day, “which is in round 3 and a trivia “Riddles,” in round 5.

The contest’s best began in the main opener of round 1, when Presbyterian Boys’ conquered this round round with a strong fight against their opponents. At the end of this super tight round, Legon Boys were leading the marathon with 14 points.

Unluckily for the rest of them, Opoku Ware gained 9 points and 7 points for ADISCO. Such a stretched gap…….!

The next set of questions continued in round two, where most questions were unanswered. Confusion broke out when there was a mistake as to what Opoku Ware School rang their bell or not.

However, there was a decisive decision where our quiz mistress deducted a point from OWASS. At the end of this round, Presbyterian Boys’, Legon had 18 points, OWASS gained 8 points with 7 points for ADISCO boys.

A tactical substitutions were made when ADISCO hero Mbebo came, also OWASS made a substitution.

Competing schools struggled to get a full marks during the “Problem of the Day,” emotional fans began to pray for hope somehow. Adisadel College moved ahead of OWASS as they were the one that gained most points in this round, 8 out of 10. PRESEC Boys were anxious as the gap was closely closed.

A fantastic performance by all standard by Mbebo in round 4 and 5 but unfortunately that couldn’t sustained them to win the trophy.

presec-nsmq 2020 final

In a nod to just how far the contest has come, PRESEC Boys proved that they were indeed champions of NSMQ.

Congratulations PRESEC, Legon for your
sixth trophy.

Congratulations to all who won a prize.

Here’s the breakdown of the Contest.

Round One
Presbyterian Boys’ Sec, Legon – 14 point

Opoku Ware School – 9 points

Adisadel College – 7 points

Round Two
Presbyterian Boys’ Sec, Legon – 18 point

Opoku Ware School – 8 points

Adisadel College – 7 points

NSMQ 2020 winners-presec nsmq 2020

Round Three
Presbyterian Boys’ Sec, Legon – 23 point

Adisadel College – 15 points

Opoku Ware School – 14 points

Round Four
Presbyterian Boys’ Sec, Legon -33 points

Adisadel College – 28 points

Opoku Ware School – 18 points

Round Five
Presbyterian Boys’ Sec, Legon – 36 points

Adisadel College – 31 points

Opoku Ware School – 21 points.

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