Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Online Reaction to Sarkodie’s No Fugazy

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The brief …

Interesting how one man can stir up so many diverse emotions amongst people. It might seem like his fan base stays faithful even within the harshest of storms, but I think at this point everyone has to wake up and smell the coffee.

It doesn’t matter what Sarkodie does anymore, people will still have their reservations and opinions about the music he drops.

What has happened so far …

I think it’s safe to say it is connected to the toxic or spoilt music audience we have now in the scene. With social media, everyone feels entitled to their opinion, and others considering their opinion. The reaction to his lead single for this up-and-coming album No Pressure has been mixed.

Now let’s be honest, it isn’t the greatest Sarkodie song that has ever come out, but it isn’t a bad one either. Mostly, if you’ve taken keen notice of Sarkodie’s career, this is the music he has been making in the last 2, 3 years. It’s not necessarily exceptional, but it’s not exactly terrible music.

But I guess people always hold a certain expectation when his name appears on the screen. The problem with the critiques that come through is the fact that they aren’t based on the quality of the music or the approach – it’s just plain hate.

For people that don’t know, constructive criticism only works when you point out what exactly a person did wrong. If you sentence a criminal to prison for some time without telling him why he’ll come back and do the same thing.


The issue with the Ghanaian audience now is the fact that we just like to say, “I don’t like it” or “it’s trash” or “it doesn’t appeal to me” without having to explain ourselves. And if you do probe, you will realize there’s nothing to say. It’s just a statement out of emotion.

I am not the biggest Sarkodie fan or stan, but it’s ridiculous the flak he gets just for trying to do what he gets paid to do; make music. If you haven’t listened to the record, No Fugazy is out on all streaming platforms available to you.

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