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OLAM makes beautiful comeback after tragic loss

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NSMQ has been a favourite show for High School students, especially when a school gets a tragic loss. But this time around NSMQ was more interesting with OLAM .ie. Our Lady of Mercy makes a shocking and mind blowing comeback after a sad tragic loss.

The third and final contest in the NSMQ Greater Accra Region Preliminary Stage saw St. Margaret Mary SHS competing against West Africa SHS and Our Lady of Mercy SHS.

Our Lady of Mercy SHS who was the top runner-up from the first two contests of the day got a second chance at lifting the NSMQ trophy, and they didn’t disappoint!  St. Margaret Mary SHS and Our Lady of Mercy SHS battled it out in what could be described as the most emotional yet sterling performance of the day.


Our Lady of Mercy SHS came back stronger in the third contest after their initial loss in Contest Two. They proved to be tough competition for West Africa SHS as they tied in the first round of the contest. In round 4, the room was tensed-up when all three schools tied with 25 points.

There was fierce competition in the final round when Our Lady of Mercy SHS and St. Margaret Mary SHS tied again with 31 points each. After answering a third tie-breaker question correctly, Our Lady of Mercy had an emotional win securing a spot in the One-eighth Stage.

Here’s a breakdown of Contest Three at the Greater Accra Regional Preliminary Stage.

Round One – General questions on chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics

West Africa SHS – 12

Our Lady of Mercy SHS – 12

St Margaret Mary SHS – 8

Tough and good luck to the team from St. Margaret Mary SHS

Round Two – The Speed race

West Africa SHS – 13

Our Lady of Mercy SHS – 11

St Margaret Mary SHS – 10


Round Three – Problem of the Day

West Africa SHS – 15

Our Lady of Mercy SHS – 15

St Margaret Mary SHS – 12

The team from NSMQ 2018 Finalists – West Africa SHS

Round Four – True or False

Our Lady of Mercy SHS – 25

West Africa SHS – 25

St Margaret Mary SHS – 25

Round Five – Riddles

Our Lady of Mercy SHS – 34

St Margaret Mary SHS – 31

West Africa SHS – 25

At the end if the day OLAM made “her” fans happy with a tremendous and massive comeback.

We hope they continue or strive hard to be in the game.

Source: nsmq

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