Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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NSMQ 2020: OWASS crashed Accra Academy and Boa Amponsem SHS to reach finals

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The Semi-final of 2020 National Science and Maths Quiz ( NSMQ ) began this morning. The first contest hosted Accra Academy, Boa Amponsem SHS and Opoku Ware School.

All the schools began the contest with much enthusiasm and man power to secure their slots in the final stage of the competition. Hosted schools in the first contest brought their all in all game plan but unfortunately, only one school can make it to the final.

With much suspension the competition began in the first round, Accra Academy and Opoku Ware School were able to secure their first 3 points in their main questions, with Boa Amponsem missing it out as a bonus question for their competitors. Competitors then lost points from their main question, however they were able to pick bonus points from dropped questions from their opponents.

nsmq 2020

At the end of round 1, Accra Academy had 23 points leading the table with Opoku Ware School securing 20points,and Boa Amponsem SHS had 10 points.

Anxiety and readiness were the attitude for round 2, this round was a round of silence game as schools failed to answer most of the questions given. However, OWASS took hold of this round and man powered their opponents to lead the race.

“Problem of the Day” was the next round which was round 3. OWASS showed their opponents that this round was just a piece of cake for them. “Problem of the Day ” was a Maths based question, where OWASS had 8 out of 10 points, and both Accra Academy and Boa Amponsem SHS had 2 points each. Opoku Ware School widens the gap at this round.

nsmq ghana-nsmq 2020

Ending the contest with round 5; riddles. Accra Academy had the opportunity to answer the first and second riddles, all schools missed the third riddle and Boa Amponsem SHS answered the last riddle.

Here’s the results for the End of the First Contest.

Opoku Ware School: 55 points

Accra Academy: 38 points

Boa Amponsem SHS: 22 points

AKATAKYIE! Well done!

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