Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Netflix Redefinition Of Castlevania will Blow your Mind

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Castlevania, a fan popular on Netflix. No doubt this animated series has gathered quite the fandom over the years. With the likes of Trevor Belmont — the last standing vampire hunter, Sypha the magician, and Alucard the Half-human half-vampire son of Dracula himself. This trio brought excitement to our screens countless times.

Early 2021, there was news of the release of the fourth season, but nothing more for us to hang on to but the picture of Sypha and Trevor — so it seemed.
But after hearing nothing for quite some time, some fans even speculated that the show had been abandoned.

Now, Netflix itself has confirmed that there will be a third and last season. And the upgrade of the main characters or protagonists as they are traditionally known will blow your mind.

The vampire slayers have returned with a brand new poster. Netflix— sharing an image of the heroes and villains of this world that is teeming with supernatural characters, attempting to live in a world where Dracula is no longer among the land of the living, it appears as if the upcoming season will continue the tale of Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard.

The crazed anticipation for season four isn’t because it’s Castlevania. It is due to how season three ended. With major antagonists seeking revenge and Carmilla’s plot to turn all of humanity into cattle with the help of Hector.

What the fans desire most, is to be wowed by the new tricks the protagonists have up their sleeves, with their new gear — they can almost see their animated dreams coming true. The “teaser ” trailer isn’t helping the case one bit!

If you haven’t graced your eyes with the series, it’s “Netflix and chill” time for you!

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