Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Mixed feelings between Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles

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Following the interview Meghan and Harry had with Oprah, the members of the royal family have not failed to bamboozle us with their mixed reactions.

Take, for instance, Prince William coming out to debunk the whole idea of the royals being racist and contradicting everything Meghan said.

Priceless, right?
Then there’s the statement the queen issued about a day after the interview with Oprah. It was a statement that did not address the outstanding issue but claimed the matter would be resolved privately.

price charles-meghan

As for Prince Charles, he refused to comment on anything he was asked about the matter.
According to a report by US Weekly, the mother-son have approaches that are poles apart in regards to how they should be tackling the royal crisis at hand.

A source told the portal: “Charles and the Queen had very different plans for how to respond. Charles wanted to rebuke every claim made by Meghan and Harry and the Queen wanted to take a more modest approach.”

prince charles and family
Prince Charles and family

Wow, Prince Charles is certainly ready to do anything to save his family name. That’s a certainty.

The insider further revealed that the 72-year-old Prince of Wales “especially wanted to make a statement against the allegation that someone in the royal family was worried about how dark Archie’s skin would be” but he was “overruled by other members of the family.”

I cannot conclude so easily, but I have a feeling the culprit here is Prince Charles. Just a feeling.

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