Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Revealed to be Distant Cousins

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This research on Meghan Markle’s ancestry was conducted by Gary Boyd Roberts, author of American Ancestors and Cousins of The Princess of Wales (1984), with assistance from Alex Bannerman of Charleston, West Virginia.

This research deduced that the ancestry and kinships of Meghan Markle reflect much of modern American, British, and European history.

Related to millions of Americans and many Britons, including notables in both countries, Ms. Markle is perhaps the newest solidifying figure in Anglo-American kinship and American-British relations.

Meghan Markle harry
Prince harry and Meghan

While this might seem troubling to some, it’s biologically alright to be married to a distant cousin. And in this case, however — Meghan and Harry are very distant.

“Meghan Markle is related to Prince Harry hundreds of times over, and therefore also to millions of Americans and Britons. Much of American and English history is reflected in her diverse ancestry.” stated genealogist Gary Boyd Roberts.

The report also further suggested that Meghan is a distant 17th cousin of the royal fold. As to why these reports are news now is the real question.

prince charles and family
Some members of the royal family

Given the fact that the official article published on Meghan’s ancestry was published shortly before Prince Harry and Meghan were wed. And they were made known of that fact.

But from careful deduction, one can only say that bringing up this news again only to alert fans might be some kind of stunt; considerably by the royal family or more unlikely as a social experiment.


But then again, this is all just speculation
But, if we are to consider the heat-producing friction between Meghan and the Royal family and how Prince Charles was willing to go to all lengths to deny Meghan’s claims of the Royal family being racist, a lot of things are highly likely.

What’s your take on this matter?

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