Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Manhood: What it actually means to be a Man

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Must I Prove to be A Man?

Children, especially male children, come into a society full of expectations for them. Funny enough, these little children will have to grow up to prove themselves as men.

But is manhood a state of being or something that needs to be proven?

Society has a bundle of expectations for every gender on this earth. For men, they ascribe to their strength. They are supposed to be firm, resolute, unyielding, unsubmissive, uncompromising, an island on its own, and firmly rooted, without being swayed to either side, just like the oak tree.

Though some of them seem closely accurate in view of the qualities of a human being, the rest are ridiculous in choosing to prove one as a man.

Women are seen as weak, and thus the qualities of human beings that show vulnerability are judged to be womanlike. For example, we are likely to hear “ Don’t act like a woman” when a man cries, or show any emotion of weakness.

Given this, many boys grow up trying to meet the expectations of society. In effect, there is a breed of men who deny their humanity, to be imposters and hypocrites, while believing they are matching up to a great standard. Unfortunately, this has also created men who are brutal in the treatment of the opposite sex, men who are insensitive to others’ emotions, and who will destroy all in their path to prove a point.

The violence meted out to women is done by men who want to prove they are men. They will not tolerate a woman talking back to them and in a hot heated argument, they will resort to doing anything to win and prove that they are men. They will use verbal abuse and if it proves futile, resort to physical abuse, especially when they are stronger than the women in question.

It is very disheartening to see men deny themselves to prove themselves. A man is not defined by his emotions, strengths, or weaknesses; he is what he is by state of being. Men have to understand that there is nothing to prove about their manhood.

He must therefore not put to death his calm nature and adopt the aggressive one; he must be content to be reflective than hasty; he must not bury his peaceful way of arguing and adopt slander, verbal or physical abuse.

He must cry if he wants to and not mind what the crowd has to say.

He must apologies if he is wrong, and not falsely think that not admitting his fault, makes him the ideal man. He must give in if the common sense requires it, especially when his ideals are faulty and need changing.

He must not be a stubborn bull and try to protect his ego of being a man.

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So in answer to the question, a man must not prove to be what he already is. He came into this world with talents and abilities which he can utilize for the good of the world. He has his strengths and weaknesses.

He must build on his strengths and overcome his weaknesses. Weaknesses But he must understand that there is no emotion masculine or feminine.

All emotions are in every gender. So he must never deny his humanity or his uniqueness, to prove to society that he is a man.

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