Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Take care of yourself, You never know when the world will need you. Hillel the Elder

To borrow the last statement from a recent write up which you can read here titled Human Nature, we claim to be human beings, but how many of us are being human? 

How many of us understand life? How many of us realized that when you die, you’re gone and there’s no coming back unless in rare miraculous cases? Looking around Ghana, I don’t think we honestly do. In a country that essentially is grinding to a halt since 2 cases were confirmed of the famed COVID – 19, it looks like the fact that the pandemic had reached here didn’t shake us at all. People went about their normal business and others took precautionary measures based on what they had visually seen.

So people walk around with masks as a way of prevention, but if they paid attention, they’d know the masks were worn by the Chinese due to special reasons, and for the layman, only health workers and people who were already sick of people taking care of the sick were to wear them. Yet, it seems to have become a thing of fashion rather than prevention. Especially since once you touch the mask you have to discard it and use another one. Yeah, pretty sure not a lot of people heard or saw that part of the instructions.

It seeks to show how much we don’t pay attention to detail and it has been our downfall more or less. It’s a flaw so deep that when other countries were employing technology in workspaces and adapting to new age cultures and methods like remote working and automated means of working with online storages, we still stuck to the 8 – 5 hustle of desk jobs and paper write-ups. For goodness sake, it’s not compulsory to even dress officially to work in the western world yet we think that wearing a suit and a tie and battling for public transportation under our sun is the best way to go.

The ability to think ahead doesn’t mean one is a genius, it just means one cares enough to be prepared for the future. And our lack of preparedness especially when the virus was running rampant in first world countries has brought us here. But that’s not even the worst part of it; the worst part is because this culture has seeped so deep into our bloodstream, we aren’t that bothered that we can die from this virus.

Life is not a video game. It isn’t a two-way affair, and you don’t get another chance. It isn’t Super Mario where you can attain ‘1up’ and live again when you die. When you lose it, that’s it. Game over. There is delusion amongst us. A delusion that allows us to think that even though there’s a virus in our ecosystem that could kill us, we’d rather risk our lives out in the open to make money and feed ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with making money, there’s equally nothing wrong with trying to feed yourself. The question is at what risk? At the risk of your family? Of your friends? Of you? There’s too much still going on out there that renders a majority of the population unsafe, and yes, the argument would be the losses people are going to incur.

But you’re not the first person to make a profit in life, and you certainly won’t be the last person to make a loss. We are humanity, we will survive this because that’s what we do. That’s our God-given blessing from on high, to forge through adversity and to live. At least, that’s what all our movies have taught us till this point. We may not be the Avengers but we can still write our own story, yet it only begins when we take life seriously and attend to it as such.

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