Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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KNUST SHS progresses to next stage of NSMQ2020

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The excitement and intriguing actions continued as KNUST SHS, Kumasi High School and St Mary’s Girls SHS, Konongo competed on Day One of the Ashanti Region Preliminary Stage on the third contest.

The contest between these schools began in round one where KNUST SHS swayed their way to the top with 23 points, followed by Kumasi High School with 16 points while 5 points for St Mary’s Girls SHS, Konongo.

The second round came off with a little enthusiasm for the schools competing as they were looking forward to some points. At the end of the second round, we saw KNUST SHS falling short of one which led them to have 22 points, Kumasi High School followed closely with 20 points with St Mary’s Girls SHS maintaining their 5 points.

As the third round began, tension between these schools were high, especially KNUST SHS and St Mary’s Girls SHS, Konongo, both looking forward to qualifying to the next stage of the competition.

KNUST SHS had an amazing round as they gained 10 points from solving the “Problem of the Day.” Unluckily for St Mary’s Girls and Kumasi High they had zero points.

KNUST SHS was awarded with Prudential Life NSMQ Star worth GHC 2000 sponsored by Prudential Life Insurance.

Here’s a breakdown of Contest Three of the Ashanti Regional Preliminary stage.

Round One – General questions on Chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics


Kumasi High School – 16

St Mary’s Girls SHS, Konongo – 5

Round Two – The Speed race


Kumasi High School – 20

St Mary’s Girls SHS, Konongo – 5

Round Three – Problem of the Day


Kumasi High School – 20

St Mary’s Girls SHS, Konongo – 5

Round Four – True or False


Kumasi High School – 24

St Mary’s Girls SHS, Konongo – 15

Round Five – Riddles


Kumasi High School – 30

St Mary’s Girls SHS, Konongo – 15.

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