Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Just Take That Step!

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“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” Vincent Van Gogh

Starting a new thing can be very difficult. Leaving your comfort zone might feel like you are hurting yourself. You may have to rid yourself of certain things that make you happy as a person to reach that goal you want to achieve. Some people, actions, possessions, and behaviours may have to be traded first before you can start the journey towards that goal. But the feeling after you have begun that journey is incomparable.

You will feel some joy and fulfilment as if that’s the only thing you’ve been able to achieve in your life all these years. All you need to do is to be bold enough to take that first step.

I look at myself today and all I can do is shake my big head. I never knew I could be this creative. I mean, we had written articles at school, but a student can be at his very creative self to obtain the grade he wants. I have sat on my bed and done arm-chair journalism which had fetched me great marks and yet I thought they were just for the grades. I have wasted so much time and given away so many opportunities because I thought I could not measure up to the standard of the stories of writers I had read. But here it is! Maybe I cannot write like Pierce Morgan or even Peggy Oppong but I can still put something on paper.

My readers or reach may not be as wide as they have. My light can still brighten the corner where I am. I can inform people about things happening around them and encourage them to make decisions they might not think of doing.

So you out there, don’t sit on your butts imagining how you wished you had reached that goal you want badly. Having the dream is nothing until you take the first step towards achieving it. So get up and that step now.

Taking that step will require you to;

Be Disciplined

Set goals for yourself and work towards them. Do not start with big goals. Take manageable goals at a time and they will develop into big dreams as time goes on. If you want to keep fit, start with a walk twice a week. Gradually, twice a week will get to every day, the walk will turn into jogging and you will develop that body you want. Also,set time limits to the goals and avoid making excuses. Strive hard to achieve time limits. Sometimes you might miss due to situations beyond your control, but, don’t let excuses become an attitude. Set the goals, work hard towards achieving it with your time framework and avoid making excuses for lazying around. We all fear to venture into something we have not done before. Starting a new business, relocating to a new apartment, changing old behaviour, etc. are things we all do not want to do at first glance.

Make Sacrifices

Sometimes, achieving a certain goal means letting go of certain things and upping new ones. Certain people, attitudes, lifestyles and possessions need to be dropped on the journey to success. Starting up a new business may require you to stop living a luxurious life and start saving towards its expansion, so also will losing weight demand that you check your dietary intakes and exercise consistently.

Hold Yourself Accountable

take responsibility for your own decisions and its consequences. Commend yourself for the good decisions you make and make you learn from the wrong decisions. This will increase your confidence and help you to walk towards the attainment of your goals.

We are like great little stars. As small as they may seem to the people of the world, they are bigger on the inside. Therefore, get up and let the world see that bigger part of you that only you can see.

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