Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Jessica Opare Saforo’s Transition from TV to Internet Sensation

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A deep thinker and creative who is constantly on the clock to answer questions many ask. A lover of poetry and prose. She believes firmly in the ways of our fathers, conservative? No. Just a history nerd.

A lot of you may know her as Jessica Opare Saforo. Ghanaian media personality, TV and radio broadcaster, fitness enthusiast—the founder of Ghana’s first-ever weightless reality show, biker girl, and voice actress— the owner of the Voice Ova company, now turned YouTuber.

In her own words “I’m more frightened now than I was when I had nothing.” This graduate of economies and psychology turned media personality has shown us how diverse she can be as an entrepreneur and in her career.

jessica os youtube subscribers

Her YouTube content entails general things about life from her perspective and experiences. For instance ‘ten ways to loose weight without exercising, 6 businesses that will make you money in 2021, mistakes small YouTubers make and how to avoid them, and her most-watched video; ‘if your woman does these leave her‘.

She recently posted a video capturing her journey to 100k subscribers and urging other people to take what they’ve decided to do on YouTube seriously and also advised that they didn’t have to start perfect and that they could start with what they had.

When they said women could do anything, I never thought it meant everything. Is this the end or it’s just the beginning. All we can do is wait and watch to see more of what the 39 year old genius of a woman has up her sleeve.

If you ask me, there’s nothing she can’t do!

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