Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Is Oracle The Ultimate Buyer Of TikTok? A New Update Revealed.

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This issue is becoming a global technological problem, TikTok vs Trump.

Recent controversy said that TikTok has been collecting personal information of its Users in the US, which threatens national security and privacy, Trump alleged.

According to Donald Trump, US president, TikTok has to either stop operating in the country or should sell its shares to a US based company.

Technological brands like Microsoft, Twitter and Triller all came into the race to buy TikTok. However, US tech firm Oracle has confirmed that TikTok’s owner has formally proposed it become a “trusted technology partner” to the video-sharing app.

Oracle is a database specialist without experience of running a social media app targeted at the general public. BBC reported. TikTok has denied all the allegations against them saying that they have made it their highest priority to protect all the personal details of US users.

It was reported that, US Treasury Secretary said that Trump’s administration has been in talks with a US tech firm to make TikTok a US based company. TikTok said it has indeed suggested a proposal to Trump’s administration that all they care about is to make sure that all its valuable users in the US will be entertained and enjoy the best of the video-sharing app.

Also, small businesses and creators who rely on TikTok to make a living grow their livelihoods and build meaningful careers.

Larry Ellison, Oracle’s chairman, who is a strong campaign supporter for Trump’s party, organised a fundraising to aid Republican leader’s re-election campaign.

Donald Trump has pushed Oracle to this buying stuff and has been supporting them to have full control. TikTok has confirmed that this is a political interest deal on behalf of Trump and not a tech issue.

According to BBC, the White House is also taking a harsh line against other Chinese tech companies – including Huawei, Tencent and a number of artificial intelligence start-ups – restricting what business they can do with US counterparts without the administration’s approval.

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