Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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IINFOPORT (The Information Portal)

Who we are

A global media/ magazine company highlighting some of the most relevant, intriguing, and compelling stories in technology, business, entertainment, education etc in our ever-changing world. We seek to provide quality (Relevant. Data. Insight. clarity) than quantity to a smart, savvy reader like you... iinfoport...Beyond the Normal!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller ... You are welcome to partner with us as business or creative, as we help control what people read of you and your brand online. Our team of experienced, creative writers, and editors are ready to help compose the articles that matters about you and your brand to our fast growing audience & the world at large.

What we offer

Fact-Checked Articles

Roundups on Trending Topics

Exclusive Articles for Businesses and Individuals

Meet our dedicated

Team Members

Daniel Sterling


Strategist| Entrepreneur| Strong love for quality information. I believe that intelligent gathering of information and dissemination is relevant in business & individual progress. The news you can trust is the news you can use!

Kweku Diaw

Creative Writer

An avid creative whose word plays so much that words say I play too much; a Ki'shon flow. Life is a journey and we're all full of stories.

Raven Hunter

Creative Writer

A deep thinker and creative who is constantly on the clock to answer questions many ask. A lover of poetry and prose. She believes firmly in the ways of our fathers, conservative? No. Just a history nerd.

Mike Perry


Spending most of the time playing with scripts and codes, I develop and test new features. I’m delighted to support - and give a helping hand to ensure this platform is always accessible to you.