Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Huawei Launches New Phones Despite Their Current Challenge.

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The Chinese Multinational tech company has unveiled its latest products Huawei Mate 40 smartphones. The tech giant claimed that its phones feature more powerful processors than even forthcoming Apple’s phones.

The Chinese based Tech Company has been facing serious accusations on the side of its chip manufacturing. They have had a stop to its chip supply because of a new US trade ban that took effect back in September.

That means that once its stockpile of the new Kirin 9000 processors runs out, it faces being unable to make more of the Mate 40 handsets in their current form.

The United States states that the  trade ban was enacted on national security and privacy basis.

BBC reported that only Taiwan’s TSMC and South Korea’s Samsung have the expertise and equipment to manufacture 5nm chips. And unfortunately, these two techs are forbidden to supply Huawei Technology any equipment or any other semiconductor products.

Huawei has already denied the threat they pose to the US government on security.

In an online presentation, Richard Yu, the company consumer device chief stated that the ban has been creating a difficult room for them to operate. He said,” making the situation extremely difficult for us.”

Despite all these challenges, Huawei Technology stills stay focused in making their smartphones sales. Currently, they run top 3 on the world’s best smartphone sellers, with 168 millions chipped devices having annual market share of 13.1% and a yearly change of 6.8%.

Having a quick look at their Mate 40 smartphones, we can say, what a dazzling phone it is?

Mo Jia, an analyst at tech research firm Canalys, said that Huawei’s new phones could be one of the best and strong sales in China. He commented that despite US sanctions, component constraints may limit the total quantity of new Kirin-powered smartphones Huawei can produce.

huawei 40 mate

The new phone has an amazing smooth screen with over 90Hz which is higher than Apple’s latest phones but can’t be compared with Samsung S20’s series.

Camera qualities are so unique that its frames allow users to take slow motion effects and high pixels of graphics are obtained.

For the time being, the firm only plans to put the Pro model on sale outside China, where it will cost £1,100. One of the innovations detailed was the use of a “free-form lens” for the ultra-wide angle camera found on each model, which Huawei said solved image distortion problems.

With the use of “Petal Search” tool on Mate 40 smartphones, users will be allowed to install unavailable apps on the phone, also links and icons will be available for some apps like eBay and the UK’s Tesco Groceries. Huawei promises its buyers that they will soon make available the Sky News app.

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