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How to join the DWP Academy (Ghana)

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History …

Founded by Ernest Kwablah (Quables), Nicholas Botchey (Afrobeast) and Laud Anoo Konadu more popularly known as Dance god Lloyd, the Dance With Purpose Academy is open to all Ghanaians who have a passion for dance and want to learn.

The academy which takes anyone aged 5 or more provides premium tuition to people who are passionate about dance. The academy boasts of packages for those who want to just be dance students and others who want to be members of the Academy.

The DWP Academy has had members featured at prominent events including One Africa Music fest in Dubai, Afro Nation, Afrochella, 3musicAwards, and the VGMAs.

dwp academy
some members of the DWP Academy

Membership …

The fee for students is 50c for a 3-hour class session on Wednesdays and Saturdays. For students, they decide as and when they want to come for the class sessions.

Becoming a member has to do with auditions which are held 3 times within a calendar year in the capital city of Accra. Auditions fall within the first, second, and third quarters of the year. The success in getting a call back from auditions means they granted honorary membership to the applicant.

They selected new individuals via auditions every year to join the academy, with no fixed number regarding the intake. However, there is always a minimum of 50 people.

They groom members to become professionals in whatever it is they thrive in. Once the grooming is complete, they give you a professional job. Outside dancing, they also groomed other talents to make the individual an asset of value. The concept of jack-of-all-trades is applied here. Members however rehearse for free on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

dwp ghana

These sessions are where they come up with dance challenges, new choreographies and rehearse for stage performances or music video shoots. The benefits of the members are that they are patched through to paid gigs which include live performances and music videos. You also receive brand endorsements from the Academy.


You can get in contact with the DWP Academy based in Ghana via email or phone number:

Contact …


Phone: +233 558446517

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