Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Ghanaian Stars From Achimota Disassociate Themselves From The School

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The U.K born Ghanaian hiplife artist Reggie Rockstone and his wife (both alumini of Achimota ) seem to have cut ties with the school following the controversies the young boys in locs who have been refused admission to Achimota school.

The music legend says he feels very emotional commenting on the issue as an old student of the school. “Everything to do with Motown is on pause with me. Don’t call me for anything; don’t call me for no year group. I like to go where I am welcome,” he stated
His wife also added,
“Motown is now no-town,”

Reggie Rockstone disassociate with achimota - Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea
Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea

One of the students rejected, Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea, a 16-year-old Rastafarian, says he is “depressed” by the admission hullabaloo
Nkrabea was rejected by the management of Achimota School with one other student because of their dreadlocks. They will only be admitted after cutting off their dreadlocks, the school said.

Many have also raised concerns about why white and biracial students are allowed to keep their hair but these boys in Numidian locs should not.
Dr. Amoako Baah also claims in one of his statements that “they” make girls cut their hair for a reason and that “white” people’s hair is different from ours so people should stop raising that argument to win points.

Reggie Rockstone disassociate with achimota
Renowned Ghanaian Musician Reggie Rockstone

I honestly still don’t know why we are asked to cut our hair in senior high school, but since the doctor knows; we might hear it soon enough. White people’s hair is different from ours, so he said. Why are we raising our girls to hate their own hair and admire that of the white people?

Why are we raising women who are not happy with their own skin but want to shed everything about who they are and be something they’re not?
Well, the question remains unanswered.

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