Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Extended Lockdown Period & Rise in Cases

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May probably was predicted to come with the number it came with and it’s not surprising. The situation is escalating and it doesn’t look like it’ll slow down any time soon. Were we delaying the inevitable when some parts of the country went under lockdown? Maybe. A lot of arguments have arisen that we don’t have the economical backbone to have stayed locked down, “it would have broken our back as a nation”, they claim. But did the nation ever have a back in the first place?

A lot of things will kill us in this lifetime. The COVID – 19 will definitely take lives with it as its snare continues upon the world, but the rate at which people will die doesn’t necessarily just depend on the virus, ultimately it also depends on us. WHO already labeled our continent’s health care system as fragile. That in itself was both a statement and a call to action on the path of our leaders. The problem with us is, few of us indulge in the idea of being proactive and extra prepared for the future.

We like to simply react. To wait for things to happen before we start thinking of a solution. It’s one of the reasons why change and development have been a big issue for us. We fail to adapt, get stuck in our ways and the result is a cataclysmic disaster happening that takes away life and properties. And what do we have at the end of the day? Opinions. Opinions to say what should be done and what shouldn’t.

In the article I penned down about the Seat of China, I emphasized what it means to be a leader in these times and the kind of things you need to consider in decision making. Because in whatever action or inaction, the possibility of lives being lost swings.

It is safe to say that we do not have all the facts and thus we can speculate solutions that look like they will work on the ground but that doesn’t mean that the solutions we offer will still stand when everything is laid bare.

Quoting Thanos from the Avengers Endgame Movie, “You couldn’t live with your failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.” I’m pretty sure this statement is what we’ll all subconsciously hear if we lose this war.

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