Exklamation Features Black Sherif in a ‘Get to Know Black Sherif’ Video

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Exklamation is a clothing store that has been on the rise for some time. You can find bags, jeans, and other fashion items that meet your classy needs. Their apparel has been seen on celebrities that make waves like Tulenkey, RJZ, and others. So it’s not a surprise when they recently featured the rising star Black Sherif in a video where he spoke a bit about himself. 

Sherif touched on the fact that he used to be in the Zongo and was a very rowdy person. For people who may not know, ‘Zongo’ is a term most popular in West Africa for towns populated mostly by settlers from the North (Northern Sahel).

A common trait in such settlements is they usually speak Hausa a lot. Another characteristic is that males in such places tend to be loud and rowdy, like Sherif mentioned. But he outlined that he’s changed to a more sober, and calm person, especially since he started making music.

black sherif

His change in demeanor was also influenced by the fact that he realized humility is essential to getting people to accept you because no one likes a pompous brat, and like Sherif rightly said, he didn’t have the money to promote his music.

Exklamation is one of those few angel investors who saw his music and what he was doing and decided to help the young artist on his journey. 

Sherif got into music like many others because he was searching for something that he could do and be fulfilled. His mantra is that you don’t need to follow trends and all to be a hit. You can equally maintain your unique style and still make it. 



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