Entertainment Achievement Awards Drops Nominations including Best Performance Poet Category

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Over the years, there has been a surge of awards schemes popping up owing to the identified appalling standards of the VGMAs and the way they’ve chosen to showcase the art form of music in Ghana.

Of the few who are deciding to approach it from a different angle, we have Entertainment Achievement Awards.


The Citi FM sponsored awards scheme is one that seeks to recognize, unearth, spotlight, encourage and celebrate entertainers and entertainment industry players, who have distinguished themselves in the practice of their arts and their chosen fields of endeavor.

There are 27 categories in total and they range from sports and music to poetry and film subcategories. It aims to expand the range of art forms that can receive recognition in the country, and that’s excellent motivation for a lot of of-the-art forms out there.

ea awards

The announcement of the nominees this year happened on 16th February with the actual awards ceremony set to happen in March 2021. 

A notable category that has been warmly received online is the Best Performance Poet. Poetry and Spoken Word in Ghana have struggled mostly to make the limelight in the arts industry. Although recognized in recent times, they still regard it as a luxury as opposed to an art form in its own right.

There’s no poet out there who ever dreamed and thought such a day would come where there would be a dedicated category for them in the entertainment industry.

So seeing these individuals being nominated just shows how far the art has come.

  • Koo Kumi (The Griot)
  • Akambo (Coronialism)
  • I’m Edi (Duct Tape)
  • Nana Asaase
  • Menaye

Kudos to those who have been nominated for the category.

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