Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Earphones; which Genius invented that?

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‘Elephant never forgets, Elephant never forgets.’ These lines are from a poem done by Benin born British wordsmith George The Poet which is a statement that is rooted in a poem written which begins with that statement;

/Did you know an Elephant never forgets a face/

/Once the creature catches a glimpse it can never forget/

/And your face is one that I can never forget/

It’s a kind of truth to have to live with, almost in stark contrast to human nature; people tend to forget about the person who initiated or brought an idea into the world and would rather just enjoy the product of their idea without caring less. But since no one can do anything to you if you don’t know about the history of something, but when you understand the whole something crawled out of you tend to appreciate their shine better.

It’s something that our generation has received critique for really, it’s always with us and if you find a few who have integrated it into their lifestyles like me personally you tend to think we don’t listen to any other thing because we always have them in our ears or around our necks. But let’s be real, don’t you turn your head around when someone with a phone to their ear on loudspeaker passes by you?

Earphones have come to help us separate what we’re listening to from the atmosphere; and because we connect to it on so many levels, it is sometimes that album, that sermon, that podcast or that WhatsApp joke recording that gets you smiling or filled with joy throughout the day. Earphones have practically become indispensable and won’t be going away in a long time.

At this point, their design and form can only evolve as the times go on. Ask people on the street, and they may not remember anything before the iconic white iPod headphones that sparked a global phenomenon.

Today, earbuds come in all sizes, colors, and price points – from cheap throwaways to high tech active noise-canceling earbuds. The variance in them and the new designs being employed by various companies to tweak the sound quality and how long it can last has given a wide array to pick from.

‘ze Bluetooth zevice is leady to pearl’

‘ze Bluetooth zevice connected unsocessfully’

‘ze Bluetooth zevice has been disconnected’

Kanye West with some Gramophones

I am so sure that Siri, Alexa, and Cortana sit together and laugh at whoever it is who was put up to say these things. Anyway, in the early 1800s, there was a device called phonograph; a device for the mechanical recording and reproduction of sound. Do you know those things that Grammy Award winners are handed? Yeah so the phonographs in its later forms, were called gramophones as in the 1940s, being a record player.

Back in the day, it was the trendiest trend in sound innovation. That’s right, for a mere $3,000 in modern terms you could own a large machine that played sounds from a wax tube. These devices had cords that connected to device allowing people to listen to the sounds being produced and that in itself was the prototype for the design earphones, even concerning the wireless connection being deployed in the newer versions that are being released, there is a patent there that was registered and we haven’t necessarily strayed so far from the design.

All this was made possible because of a French engineer named Ernest Jules Pierre Mercadier who received a U.S patent for earbuds to be used as telephone receivers. In 1910, Nathaniel Baldwin then went ahead and invented headphones in the kitchen of his Utah home, forever subjecting our ears to the shackles of small speakers.

In 1958, John C. Koss, an audiophile and jazz musician from Milwaukee, produced the first stereo headphones. Previously, headphones were used only by the US navy, telephone and radio operators, and individuals in similar industries.


John C. Koss
John C. Koss

This is because Baldwin after creating them initially sent it to the Colonel who initially refused and disregarded the letter until he tried the invention and realized it worked and then they started placing orders. All these points were monumental to the setting of a trajectory path for earphones to be birthed in our world.

And so for those who didn’t know the journey those little things in your ears you use today had to take to get where they are, this is history 101. Cheers.

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