Thursday, September 30, 2021
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COVID-19: Consider Your Safety

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At this hour, era and season is the time, one’s safety needs to be considered as his priority. We are in a time where the term socialization has been turned into isolation, there’s nothing like the life of normalcy in this era.

The shaking of hands, hugging, touching of one’s face, has now become a prohibition. Mandatory necessities are now the sanitizing of hands, washing of hands regularly, and staying indoors. Life has now become complicated.

Going outdoor even; there’s a lot of precautions to be taken.
Doctors and health personnel keep encouraging to wear our nose mask and gloves. They say our safety should come first.

However; some people have taken the safety of their lives for a joke.
There’s a saying that goes, “prevention is better than cure” These people have no carefulness of their health. People have used religion to cover what’s real, one important fact to know is that, even if religion is used what is real is real.
We are in a time, where for so many centuries, one has to spend the whole day indoors, the virus at hand is not a joke, and lives are being taken daily. Like our health personals are saying “our safety should be considered”.
Don’t cover up with religion or disbelief.

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