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Clubhouse: The Newest Drop-in Audio Chat App on the rise

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Clubhouse: The Newest Drop-in Audio Chat App on the rise

When Twitter rolled out their voice feature in 2020, there were a lot of comments and backlash to the update from users. Many people said it made little sense and was destroying the integrity of the app. Others kept quiet and watched it play out. Of course, it didn’t look like Twitter was going to change its decision because shortly after that, Fleets, Twitter stories, were rolled out as an update for the app.

It was as if they wanted to drive the users crazy. And crazy they did. But users can’t fight back. Not against Twitter. People have been trying to get them to release an ‘Edit Tweet’ update, but it has fallen on deaf ears over the years. It just goes to show how the managers of the social media app are.


Because in the end where else will you go? Instagram? Their User Interface is looking like a chore now with the Reels Feed, the Main Feed, and the eCommerce Feed already in motion, it’s only a matter of time before they roll out other updates. But amidst these big guns in the social media world, making updates that users do not care for, there is a startup on the rise. Their name is Clubhouse.

Clubhouse, the phenomenon …

Recently launched and only currently existing on the App Store only, Clubhouse is a new type of social network based on voice—where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time. To break this down, imagine a conference call with a group of random people. But this isn’t a call to catch up or check up on each other. No.

It is to address a theme, a conversation, or a topic. You don’t have to know anyone; you don’t have to have to speak in these conversations – you can decide to be the audience in the background, and listen as others share their thoughts on the stage. It is a voice chat-based social media app. Not the voice notes on WhatsApp. Not the Twitter voice feature – but voice chat, and voice chat alone.



There’s a catch though … 

Now here’s the kicker, it is free. Everyone is raving about it, yes. But you need to be invited on the app by someone who is already on the app – and the invite is just one. We do not currently know how to get invites on the app to share with friends, but all they know now is that you have one invite and one invite alone.

It’s like they are telling you, choose wisely who you decide to invite here. What that means is, it’s heavily reliant on already established communities who would want to patronize the platform where members could invite themselves to get them all on the app. If you’re joining the app, you might as well join as a community so you can get friends or family to communicate with them or join themes and conversations with them.

all about-Clubhouse-app

At a first glance, it feels like a voice call app, but it’s not. It feels like something to replace the virtual everything that we know as Zoom, but Clubhouse is entirely different. There are no chats to send texts through, there are no options for video. It is just a conversation, a theme, a stage, moderators, and people.

Origin & impact so far …

It was created by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth and bankrolled by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. A few famous folks like Oprah, Mark Cuban, Van Jones, Nego True, and Chris Rock have been on there too, either hosting conversations or hanging out and listening to what people spoke on.

As new as it sounds, there are several people already patronizing the app and using it for events, musicals, workshops, and whatnots. It is still in beta mode and isn’t available for the public yet.


You can ask friends about the app because you never know who is on there. Who knows, if you’re lucky enough and you use an iPhone, you can get an invitation and start enjoying this incredibly intriguing app.

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