Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Clubhouse might have some Competition in Facebook

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It was only going to be a matter of time till other agencies started hopping on the purely based audio chat services that have made Clubhouse a hit sensation.

The one-year-old app which thrives heavily on its invite-only feature to get signed on has been a disruptive force since its inception with media platforms turning their heads in their direction and paying attention to the power of audio chat services.

Clubhouse is boasting 10 million users weekly across the globe and these figures have largely been helped by the lock-downs happening in various countries due to the COVID – 19 pandemic which is still very much alive although a vaccine has been developed and distributed amongst the various continents.

facebook audio
A leak image of Facebook’s Audio feature in room

So it’s no surprise that Facebook Inc is trying to get into its space by launching its pseudo clubhouse in its next product Hotline.


Facebook has defined Hotline as a general Q&A product that will combine audio with text and video elements. And they only recently started testing it out publicly to get users’ feedback and experience around the app.

This isn’t necessarily news, as Twitter has been exploring audio services on their end in their Spaces feature. Facebook themselves had already been experimenting with live audio rooms being offered in its existing Messenger rooms.

Facebook-4-steals club house audio

Thus, Hotline is a step up from the attempt at trying to use existing platforms to exploit the audio services. 

The Hotline format looks to emulate an event setting where questions and answers are traded by users in the specific room. The only difference is, it isn’t exploiting just audio, but they included video and text features based on what Facebook has shown us so far. 

But one thing is certain, Clubhouse doesn’t just have the attention of these big named platforms. They have them as competitors now. 

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