Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Christian Tik-Toker Remarks About Lil Nas X’s Partnership With Nike’s Release of “Satan Shoes “

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A deep thinker and creative who is constantly on the clock to answer questions many ask. A lover of poetry and prose. She believes firmly in the ways of our fathers, conservative? No. Just a history nerd.

Lil Nas X as we all know has released his new single Montero. And in this music video, a lot of Christians have raised concerns about its appropriateness as we see Lil Nas X dropping from heaven to hell; to give the devil a lap dance and eventually kill him—the devil and don his horns.

Well, every part of the video has a seemingly historical and biblical footing.
But away from that, the satan shoes are what has shocked many.
So, in her tik-tok video @daughterofchrist777, reveals more details of the shoes.
She zooms into a picture of the shoes and reveals a bible verse on the shoe, Luke 10: 18, a pentagram, and 666/6.

Christian Tik-Toker Remarks About Lil Nas X's Partnership With Nike is Release of "Satan Shoes "
The bible verse reads; Luke 10:18
[18] And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
Plus according to the news, there are 666 drops of ink plus one drop of human blood. And on the inner side of the box, we see a demon-like figure carrying “Jesus”

“This is a time for us to call back the sinners and wake up the saints. Stay woke.” She said.
A lot of Lil Nas X’s actions recently have left some speechless and others furious. It would interest you to know that it was written on the shoebox “it is better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven. ”
I personally can’t pass judgment, but let’s see how things unfold.

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