Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Chinese vaccines declared Ineffective and Australia eats humble pie in Global Vaccine Rankings— What is going on?

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In recent reports, Gao Fu—China’s top disease control official has admitted the country’s coronavirus vaccines are not particularly effective.

In a statement issued sometime last week at a news conference, the head of the Chinese Centres for Disease Control and Prevention stated that: the four Chinese vaccines “don’t have very high rates of protection”

In other words, they don’t help the body build better immunity against the Coronavirus as it should. As to why the vaccines are ineffective, the reasons remain unknown until further explained.

china vaccine image - what is going on

His statement was described as a rare admission of weakness by the BBC. But Mr. Gao thought otherwise.
The comments have gone mostly unreported in China.

While in other news, Australia’s vaccine got a bottom ranking.
The problem isn’t the ranking but Scott Morrison’s pledge that Australians would be at “the front of the queue” for COVID-19 vaccines have been smashed by new world rankings.

According to Our World in Data figures Australia ranks second last in all the countries analyzed and sits below Ecuador on a par with Botswana. What went wrong is what most are asking, quality? Most likely.


But the Morrison Government argues these figures are not up to date and the more respected analysis is the work of the Financial Times.

But rather than putting Australia at the “front of the queue”, the FT figures put Australia at the 76th country in the queue of 152 countries where data was analyzed on the vaccine rollout.

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