Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Breaking News: Apple is Not Waiting For You

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‘You can count the seeds in an apple, but you can’t count the apples in a seed.’

Founded in 1976, Apple started as a budding idea originated by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and all they initially wanted to do was to create computers that people would be able to carry around and to be user-friendly basically. There were a lot of tumultuous moments for these two and the company as a whole seeing the latter leave entirely and then moving on to work for another company of his which was successful.

It wasn’t until the company looked destined for a crash site, ready to join companies like Kodak who looked promising but eventually failed at the end, that they brought back Jobs to offer his expertise. He retook the reins and initiated the turn around that has made Apple what it is.

What people don’t appreciate in this little history lesson is the fact that Apple only survived over the years when Jobs was away because of things he left in place that carried in itself the potential to sustain the business.

We notice something interesting about the man in question here; even though it was his brainchild and he had to leave it for some time, he still made sure to leave behind a framework that would work well and thrive even in his absence.

It’s not a surprise he has a campaign titled ‘Think Different’ which highlights him addressing how Apple needed to change its marketing strategy to one which emphasized its core values. Jobs never once rested on his oars, leaving trails of encouragement and the expression of innovation in his wake till he was laid to rest.

This emphasis together with consistency has brought us to this point, where now the world

awaits the launch of a new Apple product every year. It’s funny, isn’t it? We’re already halfway through March, that’s roughly 7 months away from September when Apple does its official releases of new products and the Pro Max 11 is still fresh in our minds.

This raises the truth that people need to accept; Apple is not waiting for you. Honestly, Apple is not waiting around either, and it’s not because they are thinking of new products in the coming years; it’s mainly because they have their sights set on ‘higher things’.

Simon Sinek went to an Apple event and a Microsoft event and he noted the difference between the two brands saying ‘the Microsoft event showed a session, where they were trying to beat apple’s products whereas, at the Apple event, they were talking about how they’ll tackle world issues.’

He further speaks on the story saying that he met an apple exec and shared a ride with him and when he told him that Microsoft’s new products were going to be better than theirs, and the apple exec smiled and replied with, ‘I’m sure they are.

Apple is playing a long term game, the infinite game as it is referred to by so many speakers now and until you realize it yourself, you’re going to be stuck in the hamster wheel of trying to keep up.

It isn’t to say it’s not good to want to keep up. But maybe the same way Apple’s perspective is framed is something the users and patronizers of their products ought to take a look at and personally apply it to themselves.

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