Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Arm the Student with Tech

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‘Do not eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’…few moments later…

‘What did I just say!?’

It probably didn’t go down like that way back in the beginning but we are all familiar with the story about the fall of man. We know how it goes; God specifically told the man what not to do and when he turned his back he did the complete opposite of what he had been told. Inherently, we see the rebellious nature of man throughout the generations, even as kids, when you tell us not to do one thing, for some weird reason, that’s the exact thing we hasten to do.

Unfortunately, this same pattern has translated to how we treat the youth of this generation especially when they are students in the educational system in these parts of the world. Living in the age of technology and applications, we are always on their necks about staying away from wasting all their time on social media…and we leave it at that, expecting them to follow as we have spoken as robots and figure out the rest for themselves.

But you and I know the moment you take your eyes off them, they are back on their screens, why? It’s because in our bid to tell them what not to do we failed in instructing them on what to do. The philosophy of taking away that which one is used to requires that you point them in the direction to replace the gap created with something better or else as the phrase goes ‘old habits die hard’ would see them return to that very thing after being fed up with the apparent emptiness.

We have failed our students by bashing social media so much that there isn’t much they do aside spend their time on it. We never took the time to point them in the right direction. At this point in life, we should realize that technology isn’t going away any time soon and anything associated with it is only going to evolve from this point hence it falls on us to use its existence to train the youth;

the students especially well enough for them to make decisions on their own. Every student or most students have access to smartphones that they use to navigate through their days. Unfortunately, a lot of them haven’t necessarily taken the time to search out apps that could be of the essence to them. The backlash of this is seen when they seek employment and end up in a company that in adopting digital technological advancements may require you to know your way around certain basic apps that are circulating in the tech space.

The lack of knowledge concerning this sometimes could go as far as cost you a job opening. This writes up is streamlined to list several apps that could be useful to the Ghanaian youth and help them in their day to day living.

A false balance is an abomination – that is what the good book says. And evidently, it is true. The thorn in the flesh of most students nowadays is achieving balance and finding a rhythm for their day and in the process remembering to do everything they had in mind. Since there’s always a lot of information going around and you’d want to tackle each task efficiently without worrying about what had to be done before and what is to be done afterward, you can start with Todoist and then later move on to Trello and then maybe slack.

Todoist app interface

Todoist is made in the image of organization and fun where you get to list all the tasks you have to complete with the specificity of which day and time. Once you’re done with the task you can go back to the app and cross it off which allows the app to award you points.

It may seem like a long process on paper but once you have the app installed be it an IOS or an Android phone, list your tasks and then start checking on them and crossing them, there is a satisfactory feeling that can’t be replaced or replicated anywhere.

trello interface

Trello, on the other hand, is used in organizational planning as well as individual planning. The way Trello works is beautiful in that members of a team can put up what they need to do and the progress they’ve made towards that whiles allowing others to view it all and keep track. You are notified of whatever changes take place and it keeps you informed of everyone’s progress even without talking to them.

A bit into the working world and you’ll step into the world of slack which is an app for you to escape all the unnecessary information that gets cycled in your WhatsApp and your Telegram.


There is so much information always circulating via these platforms ranging from broadcasts of devotions to jokes that were told when our parents were still courting. The honesty in the situation is sometimes the sheer amount of messages seen in a group discourages someone from opening them and people don’t see why they have to go through a pile of information that matters not to them just to find an announcement that concerns them. Do you think It’s pride? No, people value their time like that and hence space like slack was created.

slack app

With a very easy to get used to the platform, slack is employed to facilitate working with supervisors during projects or working with a team towards a certain goal. Like WhatsApp, everything from music to files can be exchanged and the interesting things are that the conversations can be pinned down to be continued at a later time. Reminders about events and possibly group meetings can also be set and notifications would go around when the time is up.

There is so much to these apps when you get the hang of it and quite frankly from experience it would be only fitting to say that it keeps your timelines in check and organizes the sequence of your life one day at a time.

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