Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Archbishop Porter Girls’ SHS, one of the best female schools defeats Ahantaman Girls’ SHS and Bibiani SHTS.

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The girls from Archbishop Porter started the race with unparalleled vigour against Bibiani SHTS and Ahantaman Girls’ SHS and won the contest with a whopping 52 points. Ahantaman Girls’ SHS and Bibiani SHTS lost the contest with 16 and seven points respectively.

With 16 points, Ahantaman Girls’ SHS missed the chance of participating in the third contest as the top runner-up, and with 52 points, Archbishop Porter Girls’ SHS won the AirtelTigo Highest Scorer of the Day.

Below is a breakdown of the first Western Zone contest:

Round One – General questions on chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics

Archbishop Porter Girls SHS: 28pts

Ahantaman Girls’ SHS: 6pts

Bibiani SHTS: 0

Round Two – The Speed race

Archbishop Porter Girls SHS: 35pts

Ahantaman Girls’ SHS: 8pts

Bibiani SHTS: -4

archbishop porter girls

Round Three – Problem of the Day

Archbishop Porter Girls SHS: 39pts

Ahantaman Girls’ SHS: 12pts

Bibiani SHTS: -1

Round Four – True or False

Archbishop Porter Girls SHS: 49pts

Ahantaman Girls’ SHS: 16pts

Bibiani SHTS: 3pts

Round Five – Riddles

Archbishop Porter Girls SHS: 52pts

Ahantaman Girls’ SHS: 16pts

Bibiani SHTS: 7pts

Congratulations to Archbishop Porter Girls’ SHS for qualifying to the One-eighth Stage, and also winning the AirtelTigo Highest Scorer of the Day.

Source: nsmq

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