Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Apple’s Notes App

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The Magic of Apple’s Notes App… Notes, scribbles, proverbs, reminders…

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We all write, don’t we? And it’s such a mundane activity, but it’s become as phenomenal as ever in this world; writing. Today the question, ‘are you a writer?’, isn’t rare to hear or see online. Because writing has always been a part of our lives. From the onset when we used crayons to color when we were kids, to the excitement that gripped us when we realized we were about to make the transition from pencil to paper.

We didn’t know the full significance of that transition, but we did know this; being handed a pen meant your handwriting was cool first of all, and your potential for making a mistake was minimal. What it did mean however was the fact that you would have to take responsibility for every writing mistake you made. It meant whatever it is that you put down in ink, should embody you and the finality of what you’re saying.

Writing however has now evolved. The art hasn’t changed, just its form. Because now we don’t write, we type. This is a piece of writing, but it was typed before you read it. And with the realization of the advancement of technology, writing might achieve mythical status.

However, even as it’s transited, tools have been born to not only help the average joe sound professional or at least, not sound like a fool as Grammarly put it. However today we want to delve into the usability and advantage of using the Notes App which is a resident for iOS users.

‘Notes’ is a note-taking app developed by Apple. It is usually synced with iCloud as well as other services like Gmail hence you can usually check on the notes you’ve worked on in these respective online storages.

The Notes app isn’t one that necessarily stands in the limelight mainly because the masses patronized Evernote and Google Keep. But it has infamously been an ever helper for Apple users. The features that Apple keeps introducing with the ever-updating IOS are neat as well. Here a few tips that make the app stellar and popular amongst users:

Pin a Note

Pinning a note allows you to make a particular note appear as a priority before all the other notes in the notes app. So if you’re one for writing and penning stuff done at work or putting down reminders, pinning a note for those tasks come in handy and make the app very easy to use.

pin notes sticky notes

Tip: When you pin a note down, the title is as important. You want to use a title that instantly explains and reminds you of what that particular note is about. Something people adopt is to use emojis(yes, emojis are allowed) to begin the titles to again remind yourself instantly of what the note is about rather than getting into it and reading the contents.


The search feature is a golden one, mostly becomes we sometimes pen down stuff and forget which note we penned it down in. This solves the issues, as the search needs only a word to go through your notes and come back with results

Tip: When you write things down, and you realize diversity is appearing in the category of notes you keep, create your hashtags. They narrow down the searches and make it less cumbersome for you when you’re looking for something.

Making To-Dos

One of the most amazing things the app does is to turn a list into dos. It saves the time for actually listing things down and you can tap on them to indicate they have been done. I think being able to turn a list into a to-do is enough of a tip, to be honest.

It’s been a helpful tool for a lot of people, and if you’re not using it, you’re missing out.

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