Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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African Girl

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The coaches of Africa guides the ways of the African girl.
Once an African girl starts to grow, they start to develop her for marriage.
Her teenage is mostly spent, being educated on how to be a good woman for her husband.
In Africa, marriage is everything for an upcoming girl.
She yearns for proper education but parents say’s, “focus on household chores for that is good qualities of a woman to get a good husband”.
To African parents, if their daughters don’t get married, there is no future for her.

African girls are always encouraged to keep their chest and not allow anyone to break their virginity.
Even with all these, her dark beauty keeps attracting men towards her.
African girls have been noted with that of the shine of marriage.
In an African girl’s life, if she doesn’t get married then she will never make it.

African girls have forgotten that marriage is not everything.
There are millions of girls making it without marriage.
If one doesn’t get married, that doesn’t mean she can’t be what she wants to be.


But in modern life, thousands of people are making it outside education.
African girls can get married, but all shouldn’t be based on marriage.
The underestimation and disgrace of African girls, who don’t marry, go through is really tough. Because of the mentality of Marriage put in African girls, they don’t even try to make use of their special talents.
African girls are special people of great talents, that if they should be unveiled; they would make it more than getting married.
The mentality of marriage in Africa should be changed.
Many African girls could do more than they are doing. All they need is encouragement.
Henceforth; African girls should be encouraged to express their talents and not to base their whole life on marriage.

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